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About Q System Games

Q System is a cooperative game system which introduces you to a mystery that needs to be solved published by Enigma Studio.
Beginning with a short introduction and the first card, players will be detectives investigating a case.
Following a few simple rules, you need to analyse the clues, discuss your theories and use your power of deduction in order to solve the mystery.

Solve a Case

In the Sherlock Series, you will measure your score against the great detective. Will you be up to him or to Lestrade?

Play with friends or alone

From 1 to 8 players, Q System works well with any group size.
And if you don't have someone around, don't worry! The solitaire mode allows you to play alone.

Around 1h playing time

Theories doesn't come easy, and finding the right solution requires analysis and power of deduction.


All the english cases are produced by Enigma Studios.
Not all of them may be available in your language.

Last call

A dead body in an airplane.
Will you solve the mystery of the flight TJ1309?

Death on the 4th of july

A dead body in a grove.
Will you solve the mystery of the Rockvalley Manor?

The Tomb of the Archaelogist

Edward Carter was found dead.
Will you solve the mystery of his death?

Don's Legacy

The cause of Salvatore’s dead is yet unclear.
Will you solve the mystery of the Don?

13 Hostages

After a successful robbery, police doesn't found robbers nor loot.
Will you solve the mystery of the Golden Palace?


A fire in a Oslo laboratory destroys everything.
Will you solve the mystery of the burned lab?

Among the Graves

Track down a man who vanished during his shift at the cemetery.
Winner of 2019 Spanish Script Contest.

The Butler

Pursue the truth of what happened to a fabulously rich butler.
Finalist of 2019 Spanish Script Contest.

Who is Vincent Leblanc?

Hunt down the man behind the wheel of a suspicious hit-and-run.

Fabian Essays

Investigate the mysterious death of a Victorian lawyer. Has his spirit returned to accuse his murderer?

Murder on the Sind Mail

Crack the case of a high speed homicide, where one man's train trip to Pakistan takes a deadly swerve off the rails.

The Forgery

Follow the trail of a famous masterpiece that may have been replaced by a forgery!

During 2022

Demo Deck

Whereabouts Unknown

A man vanished without notice.
Will you solve the mystery of the disappeared man?

Far West series

Devil's Pact

Unearth the truth of who has been desecrating graves in town.

Shootout at sunrise

Investigate a fatal duel that killed both participants.

The Cursed Mine

Delve into the sordid history of a mine rumored to be cursed.

Middle Age series

The Maiden Fair

Track down the truth behind a Renaissance woman’s death.

The Possessed

Discover if there’s a cure for a medieval mayor’s illness, or if he has been possessed by a demon!

The Merchant

Diagnose the cause of why a shopkeeper’s innocuous stumble led to an unlikely death.

Junior series

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